Even the ancient Greeks for women with conspicuous behavior, who do not have sex for a longer period of time, said that suffering from hysterical neurosis. And they were right. The Latin name of the uterus is “hysteria,” and it was believed that if it does not have the momentum that is conceived by sexual intercourse, continues to wander in the body and adversely affects other organs. A consequence of this is unbalanced woman, frequently with signs of aggression towards environment.

That’s why is the conviction that a woman without sex is restless and dissatisfied women.

And is it scientifically proven?

– During the menstrual cycle the basic hormones change, which leads from excitement and increased sexual period until stabilized, followed by a period of periodic bleeding. This is a rhythmic cycle that repeats every 21 to 35 days.

Different moods interspersed within the monthly rate, and for which hormonal changes are responsible. One of them is certainly the loss of secretion of the hormone of happiness.

And the hormone of happiness is really true miracle. The female orgasm is the peak of pleasure in sexual intercourse, and is accompanied by a number of physiological phenomena: noisy breathing, wheezing, or almost rhythmic contraction of skeletal muscle, rhythmic alternation of contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. In addition the heart works faster, with increased peripheral circulation, all accompanied by sweating, as a consequence of increased secretion of adrenaline. And then the famous oxytocin is released, the hormone of happiness, serotonin and derivatives. The result is one – a sense of bliss.

According to many studies, sex has positive effect on mental and physical health of women. Improves circulation, and significantly reduces the risk of heart attack. Then the body produces estrogen, the pores are cleaned through sweating, which makes the skin softer and more radiant, and the hair shine. Oxytocin and endorphins alleviates the pain much better than analgesics, and strengthens immunity.

It is therefore not surprising that for a woman who has sex regularly says it looks much younger and shining. The balanced hormonal status depends not only on sexual relations, but also on many other factors such as genetics, social environment, orientation in society, education…

However, the logical conclusion is that the absence of sex can only do harm.

– The depression may be due to abstinence, or depression in a scientific context has other foundation. It carries with it the insomnia, poor thinking, alteration of appetite, lack of care of itself, which creates a vicious circle.

Nowadays we all have too many obligations, live fast, afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, it is increasingly difficult to find a partner, all of which often leads to asexuality, followed by depression and loss of libido.

However, the good thing is that everything can quickly return to normal, because sex is like riding a bicycle.

– Should not be addicted to the state of abstinence can, because it does not represent the physiology. Getting used to this unnatural state is a mistake that harms the body. A justification of power sexual relations is just an attempt to justify another problem.

Therefore, little attention, compliments, turning away from bad thoughts are an excellent way for a woman to begin to pay attention to herself and to her look, and this is the right path into the world of beautiful feeling.

And there is a happy medium and magical formula by which we may calculate how often should we have intercourse?

Some say twice a week, some five, some for the period of the menstrual cycle period of abstinence, while others ignore because of the increased sense of satisfaction in women due to estrogen.

However, such as gene sets that cannot be found two of the same people in the countryside, and their ambitions and aspirations can be difficult to equal. What for one person is often, for another is rare, and vice versa.

– In fact, the partners must listen to each other to provide maximum satisfaction at a given moment of attraction, without any arrangements in such situations can be frustrating and attitude translated into a routine.

So, the magic number is unique for each pair. And since we already know what benefits the sex has then determine that number…

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