Cannabis Capsule Is So Powerful It Can Replace Any Pain Killer

Many studies have discovered that the use of ibuprofen as well as some other painkillers  lead the numerous health complications, especially when these drugs are taken on a regular basis. Sadly, despite all the documented side-effects caused by these medicines, they still have the FDA approval.

However, people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that there are many other natural ways in which they can solve their health problems instead of using over-the-counter medicines. Among all these natural solutions is cannabis.

Many states have already legalized this herb which has numerous healing properties. This means that they are making a way for specialized medicinal marijuana products, such as marijuana-based products for PMS relief.

Cannabis Pain Relief

Nowadays, one of the most demanded products is a vagina suppository called Foria Relief which provides optimal muscle relaxation and pain relief. This product contains organic fair trade cocoa butter and Distilled THC oil – CBD isolate from organically grown hemp.

During the production process, all products from the company are tested for pesticides, potency and residual solvents and microbials.  They are also free of preservatives.

Vicodin, Ibuprofen and Midol are the most popular products that peple tend to use, but Foria Relief is as effective as they are. The suppositories have the ability to reduce inflammation and influence the nerve endings of the ovaries, uterus, cervix and  surrounding smooth muscle tissues in order to block pain signals which as a result relieves cramps owing to THC and CBD – both active cannabinoids.

Dr. Berman says: “when a medicine is delivered through the mucos of the vagina, rather than orally or [as] a topical treatment, it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.”

Even though a vast majority of customers have benefited greatly from its medicinal properties, the FDA hasn’t yet approved this amazing product.

Nevertheless, the success of this product is so big which is why it made a way for a whole range of other products containing marijuana such as topical rubs, tinctures, sipping chocolates and bath soaks that ease menstrual cramps.

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