8 Simple Signs Of Diabetes In Your Children That You Should Know

Even though diabetes has become increasingly easier to manage over the years, it still should be treated immediately and properly since it can be fatal. According to a research, diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the US.

And while less than 1% of children and teenagers have diabetes, those numbers are rising. In order to prevent death, you should know how to recognize the symptoms of diabetes so in this article we will present 8 simple signs of diabetes in your children.

Here Are The Symptoms:

  1. Abnormal thirst

According to Mayo Clinic, diabetes creates sugar build up in your bloodstream and as a result it pulls fluid from the tissues. Extremely thirsty child is probably one of the easiest symptoms to spot.

  1. Exhaustion

Those children who are dealing with diabetes will experience constant exhaustion since the lack of sugar in their body cells can make them have no energy.

  1. Moodiness

There are evidences which show that children who are dealing with type one diabetes change their mood and suddenly become grumpier. However, children often change their mood for a lot of other things, so instead assuming it is diabetes, you should first consult a doctor.

  1. Itchy skin

According to the American Diabetes Accociation, diabetes can make your skin itchy through poor circulation or because of yeast infections.

  1. Losing weight

If your child is losing weight for no apparent reason, it can be a symptom for diabetes because the body doesn’t have the energy sugar supplies and without it, the fat stores and the muscles shrink.

  1. Blurry vision

If your child experiences blurry vision, consult you doctor because this is an indicator of diabetes. The reason why this happens is because sugar is pulling the lenses fluid away from the eye which makes focusing difficult.

  1. Intense hunger

Without enough insulin, the sugar is not moving through to the cells in the body which is why your kid’s diabetic body is crying for energy. Therefore, your child will experience constant cravings for food.

  1. Frequent peeing

Frequent peeing is a result of frequent drinking of liquids, so this can also be a sign of diabetes.

What can you do if your child has these symptoms? 

Make sure to consult your doctor immediately if your child is showing more than one of the abovementioned symptoms. The doctor will run some tests.

How do they test for diabetes?

When It comes to children, doctors usually do a random blood sugar test which tests for type 1 diabetes, and it’s checking to see if the blood sugar level is high.

Sometimes they also use an A1C test that measures your kid’s average blood glucose, or the fasting blood sugar test.

What happens if diabetes goes undiagnosed?

If diabetes is not diagnosed and managed on time, it can cause severe health problems such as nerve damage, kidney failure, stroke, cataracts and heart attacks.

Make sure to pay close attention to all the symptoms your child is showing in order to safe their life.

Will my child ever be able to eat cake again?

As we previously mentioned, managing diabetes is becoming much easier which means that children with diabetes can do the same things as children without it.  They can even eat sugar, but in moderation, which is healthy for every child, not only for those dealing with diabetes.

How will life change?

First of all, you will have to visit your doctor more frequently, in order to test the blood sugar levels and manage the diabetes. Moreover, you will need to start planning your child’s meals for healthier living. However, there is no reason to worry since the doctor will navigate you through the whole process.


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