Autumn is the time during which you can enjoy many varieties and types of apples. It is best to snack apples that are grown in your region, or at least home-produced. It is hardly necessary to remind you about the great benefits of apples. They not only protect us from diseases, but also work in favor of our beauty.

Apple massage is not a new procedure. But for one reason or another it has been forgotten – until now… Maybe because many women are choosing to get rid of cellulite by applying expensive creams and treatments. And everything is so simple and easy – a really effective way to get rid of cellulite is just at your fingertips. Because today there is hardly a home where there are no apples…

We know that apple juice contains vitamin C, which stimulates the production of collagen and acts as an antioxidant. Furthermore, apples contain great amount of group B vitamins. Peptides that are present in the apple’s skin, without problem remove toxins from the skin.

Cellulite massage – super cheap and very effective

Some beauty salons and spa centers offer this anti-cellulite massage with apple. But why spend money on something you can do at home?

 You will need only 3-4 medium-sized ripe apples to make this anti-cellulite massage and get rid of the cellulite in the thighs, arms and buttocks.

How to do it?

Cut the apples in half and place them in a little boiling water to warm up. Then begin to massage the affected area with them. When you feel that there is no more juice running, just slice the top and continue so on until only small piece of apple remains.

After you do this with all the apples and you are sure that all areas affected by cellulite are aggregated, rinse and apply moisturizing body balm on the skin.

The frequency and duration of the apple massage depends on the severity of orange peel and your willingness to part with it. As you know, the result depends on your efforts. After the first procedure the skin becomes fresh and elastic. After 5 to 7 massages the cellulite will decrease significantly.

Source: muscleforlife

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