Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? That Dot On Your Iris Keeps Bad News. This Is What It Means…

Iridology is the science of finding health problems by looking at the iris of the eye. According to this science, if you notice a spot on your iris, it could mean that you have some healthy issues. For doctors, the eyes are the window to the body and its state.

History of Iridology

Your eyes can indicate lot of health issues. For instance, certain health conditions like glaucoma are primarly diagnosed based on the eyes, while others use the state of the eye as a supporting factor. Even though it is still not recognized by most professionals, many doctors recognize iridlogy as very helpful when it comes to identifying certain issues.

How Does it Work?

The spots that can be found in your iris are called psora spots which can be red or brown and they indicate the level of toxins in your body. As we all know, toxins enter our body through the environment and through prescription medications. Dr. Bernard Jensen claims that you can tell what part of your body has toxins based on the place of the spot in the iris.

In order to be able to diagnose where the toxins are in your own body, you should use the chart that Dr. Jensen created. However, it is hard to do it without any experience, so if you can’t do it, you should consult a liscenced practitioner. Even though the chart is fun to try at home, the best solution is to visit a doctor since he/she can also recognize some bigger issues than toxins.

For instance, you can make a mistake and mix psoriasis spotting with iris melanoma which is more dangerous. You should do eye exams at least once a year.

Reducing the Size of Psoric Spots

In order to reduce the size of the spot, you should have a proper diagnosis and safe detoxing. When it comes to reducing these spots, the most important thing is to do it gradually and safely. As you already know, nutrition and diet are extremely important for maintaining a good health. The results of a good diet and detox will show up in your iris!

The Dangers of Detoxing

Even though there are numerous detoxes that are safe for your body, you should be very careful because there are unhealthy ones as well such as those which require fasting. Fasting slows down the metabolic rate and as a result it makes you gain weight even faster when you start eating again.

You should definitely avoid detoxes that suggest you not to eat any food. On the other hand, if you go for all-liquid diet, you should make sure that the juices contain all the important nutrients your body needs. You can always add another juice to make up for places where they are lacking.

Safe and Healthy Detoxing Ideas

Detoxing not only helps you reduce psoric spots, but it has a lot of other beneficial effects. For instance, they will help you sleep better, get rid of acne and lose weight. You can detoxify your body naturally by following many different diet plans, but if you want to detoxify your organism without making diet changes, there are several other ways like deep breathing exercises, skin bruising, clay baths and exercise on a daily basis.

Iridiology is a good tool to find where your body needs detoxing, so use it and be safe and healthy.

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