How A Mother Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema With A Raw Diet

A well known fact is that the things you consume have a direct impact on your overall health, so in order to protect your immune system and prevent numerous diseases, you should choose carefully what you eat.

Maya is the girl who suffered from eczema, and in this article we will show you what her mother did in order to cure Maya.

She was born with eczema and she was suffering from this terrible condition since then. Her body broke out with red and flaky skin which is why her mother consulted a pediatrician.

Steroid cream is the most commonly used remedy for treating eczema, so Maya was also prescribed this cream. Moreover, her pediatrician also adviced her mother to make some changes in her diet. For instance, she had to substitute cow’s milk with goat’s milk. Since 15% of infants are allergic to the dairy proteins, this change in milk actually worked, but only for a short period of time.

Sadly, the application of steroid creams weakened her immune system since they kill the cells which fight the pathogens which is why Maya suffered from colds all the time. As you can see, the cream itself is not the best option since it covers up the eczema problem only, but does not solve the root cause of the issue.

As Maya started growing up, the eczema reappeared when she was 4 years old. This time, Maya’s mother decided not to use steroid creams so she switched from conventional treatment to naturophatic approach. First of all, she cut gluten, milk and refined sugar from Maya’s diet and after a very short period of time, eczema disappeared.

Until the age of seven, Maya was free from eczema. Once it appeared back, it was even worse and came along with the attack of parasites as well as candida. This time Maya’s mother decided to eliminate eggs and meat from her daughter’s diet. Her condition got worse, she started loosing weight rapidly and she also lost the ability to absorb nutrients from the food. Maya’s mother was scarred and she decided to turn to medications again because she feared that she will lose her child.

The Last Effort which Worked!

In order to find more information about this condition, Maya’s mother started online research on the health issues and while searching on instagram, she came across the post which suggested a vegan diet which was high on carbs and raw foods that treated candida.

At first, she hesitated whether she should try this method or not, but in the end she decided to give it a try. However, she first tested 10-day banana diet herself before providing it to her daughter. After the ten days, she was feeling great, so she immediately started the diet with fruit, nut, seed andf green leaf for her family.

After 6 months, Maya’s skin was completely cleared up, only some dry spots left on her skin. The entire family was happy and they all enjoyed the health benefits of this diet. The family is now  healthy and happy!

What the Take-Home Lesson

Nowadays, many physicians approve this diet because they recognized the health benefits of plant- based diet and what’s more, they are recommending it to the patients.

After analysis of 86 published studies, the reputed authors Berkow and Barnard have reported in Nutrition Reviews-2006  the benefits of vegetarian diet. According to the author, this diet is extremely effective when it comes to the process of losing weight and also lowers the rate of heart diseases. Morover, it is effective to treat health conditions like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure as well.

The Adventis Health conducted several studies which show that vegetarians have 50% less chance of developing diabetes than non-vegetarians.

As you can see, this is really beneficial and helpful so you should also try this diet. For instance, you can gradualy reduce the meat and animal-by product intake while adding the leafy stuff in your diet. In the beginning, try to limit the meat and egg intake to 4 days and then start lowering it gradually. You should also try to incorporate more recipes that are plant-based in your daily diet.

Not only is the reduction of meat and dairy consumption beneficial for your overall health, but it also has positive ecological impact for our Earth.

Don’t hesitate and try it because you will definitely enjoy the benefits in few weeks.

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