Study Shows That Consuming This Drink Can Increase Cancer Risk By 15%

According to a recent study focused on the link between alcohol and cancer, the consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer and an interesting fact is that specific ages and genders are more at risk than others.

The National Health and Medical Research Council, or NHMRC, discovered that women are at higher risk of developing cancer by consuming just one drink that contains alcohol than men are.

Men have to drink more than 2 drinks in a period of 24 hours and smoke in order to see a comparable risk for this terrbile disease. Nevertheless, according to the statistics, one out of two men develop cancer by the age of 85, compared to only one out of three women.

Women are More at Risk for Cancer From Alcohol Consumption

When it comes to women, they are at the highest risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, men develop colorectal cancer more often than women. This was discovered through a study conducted on over 88,000 women and 47,000 men.

In order to provide data for a possible correlation between smoking and drinking and increased risk of developing cancer, all participants were asked how many alcoholic drinks they consume and whether they smoke or not.

According to the statistics, a woman who drinks 5 to 14 grams of alcohol each day has a 13% increased risk of breast cancer specifically.

Moreover, it was discovered that women over the age of 65 that drink have an even higher risk for breast cancer, as do those that binge drink.  Worldwide, the estimate is that drinking alcohol is the cause of cancer in 1.7% of the diagnosed cases.

Guidelines Say Only Two Drinks Per Day

The NHMRC suggests healthy men and women to limit their consumption of alcohol to 2 drinks per day in order to minimize the risk of certain serious health conditions such as cancer. All types of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer since ethanol, an ingredient contained in all alcoholic drinks is actually the agent that causes cancer.

Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of developing liver, esophagus, mouth and throat cancer as well as the cancer of the voice box. More than 5,000 cases of cancer annually are associated with long-term drinking in cancer patients which is applied for both genders.

11 women  out of 1000 will develop breast cancer with each additional alcoholic drink they choose to consume, an additional woman out of 1000 would develop cancer in the oral cavity or pharynx and 7 women in the 1,000 would be diagnosed with liver or esophageal cancer. Based on that one additional drink per day as well, one additional woman in 1,000 would get cancer of the rectum.

Unfortunately, despite all these warnings, people are still not aware of the fact that by limiting their consumption of alcohol they can decrease their riks of cancer. Even though the information is available, it is not widely learned by society.

Source:  healthandhealthyliving

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