THE BIG MYTH is not true: Normal pressure is not 120 to 80, more …

For years, we live in a delusion about what is normal blood pressure, and when it’s time to panic. Find out what’s the new “normal”.

Anyone who has ever felt the need to measure blood pressure, know that everything is fine when the upper is 120 and the lower around 80. Anything above represents the alarm and immediately schedule a appointment with an internist or cardiologist.

And if it is below, it is known that it is time for the sugar and water or coffee. But now everything has changed.


European Cardiology Association issued new guidelines, according to which the normal pressure is 140 for the systolic and 90 for the diastolic.

However, this rule is not valid for diabetics, for which the limit is lower, to 130 with 80 as well as in the elderly population.

Previously it was thought that someone with the pressure of 139 and 89 more is in a state of pre hypertension and you should take medicines in order to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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