Warning: If You Notice This Butterfly On Baby’s Crip, Never Ask The Parents About It!

A mother of two newborn twins was exaspreated by trying to calm down the two babies when she looked at the woman who was sharing the room with her and said that she was very lucky not having twins. Her comment was not supposed to do harm, but it broke the women, nontheless.


Mille and her partner had twins, a girl called Callie and her twin Skye. The reason why the comment broke her is because only the gril managed to survive. Millie and her husband lost the other twin. This experience was heart-broking for her. When they were told that they will have twins, she was prepared for the worst because there are twins run in her family, but one of the babies always dies.

Nevertheless, her mental preparation was not able to save them from what they received. During her pregnancy, in her 12th week, she was told that one of the babies has anendephaly, an incurable health condition. It is a disease where a part of the brain doesn’t develop normally and as a result, the babies die after a few hours or a few days.

Even though the decision was very hard, they still decided to continue carrying both of the babies in order to give Callie a fighting chance. During this time, Milie had to come to grips with the fact that she will lose one of her babies.

The couple was devastated and it was very hard for them to deal with the situation. However, they continued discussing about the problem and she spoke about her twin at work making sure to make people comfortable about her pregnancy. She enjoyed her pregnancy and was very happy as the moment of delivery was coming closer.

The doctors had to do a C-section because her labor started as only 30 weeks, so they had to remove the babies safely. After the delivery, Callie was brought to intensive care in order to keep her safe and alive, while Skye stayed with his parents because they wanted to say goodbye to her.

Even though the parents were told that Skye won’t be able to make a noise and move her hands, when they took her, the baby cried and moved her arms. This was a surreal moment for the parents.

The couple was given a room in Kingston Hospital named the Daisy Room which is a room where the families stay with the babies until the end in cases where they will lose a child. They were given a chance to love and cuddle Skye until the end. The baby was also brought next to Callie’s incubator where both the sisters laid next to each other right before Skye passed away.

After the tragedy, due to the casual comment from a stranger, Millie was sent running out of the hospital. In fact, this moment gave her the idea to start the Purple Butterfly stickers.

None of the families around the smiths in the NICU knew their history. In order to prevent another moment like that which shattered her, Millie decided to use a simple sticker to tell the story without having to repeat the story over and over again.

The couple, Millie and Lewis started fundraising to great success and the stickers started catching on at Kingston and in surrounding hospitals. They continued with their fundraiser 2 months after the tragedy and they hoped that they will have a charity named in the honor of Skye. For their next cheritable event, they have a sky diving show.

So, if you ever see the purple butterfly sticker on a baby’s crip, don’t ask the parents what happened, just make sure to offer some comforting words and gestures of kindness to the suffering family.

Source: healthytipsworld

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