The Alkaline Diet Info Every Cancer Patient Needs To Read Immediately

Here is the info-graphic where you can see the pH balance of numerous different common foods.

In order to have a healthy life and longer lifespan, you should definitely have a diet which is mainly alkaline rather that acidic.


The Raw Food Health explains that every day stress and unhealthy diet can contribute to the change of alkaline pH of 7.35 to an acidic one. As you probably already know, acidic Ph is an excellent environment for many serious health conditions. You can help your organism a lot if you adjust your eating habits.

Nowadays, many people consume microwave meals, fast food and packaged snacks which is why it is very difficult to maintain an alkaline and anti-cancer diet. If you are fighting against cancer, it is even more harmful to consume these types of food.

In this article we will show you what should cancer patients do in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming treatments and increase their healing chances.

Cancer patients should make these 4 dietary changes in order to combat their disease. At first, these changes might seem a bit intimidating, nevertheless, all people should do is to start eating in the same way as people ate since the beginning of time, which means that they should prepare fresh food, in season.

  1. Alkaline Diet Lowers Inflammation and Improves Intracellular pH

Novadays, people in the Western world consume an unhealthy diet which is increasing their intracellular pH thus promoting inflammation. Such condition is called latent acidosis and it is the ideal environment for proliferation of cancer. In order to improve your intracellular pH, you will need to have a properly formed alkaline diet and as a result, your body will be protected from continuous inflammation.

Alkaline diet means to consume more green leafy vegetables, herbs and spices, onions, garlic, root vegetables, lentils, seeds, nuts in combination of a cup or two of rice , broccoli, leek and chives, beans, cauliflower, cabbages, and peas.

Moreover, a healthy and alkaline oriented diet also includes several servings of between 2 and 4 oz of organic poultry, grass-fed meat and clean fish per week. People should also consume 2-3 whole fresh fruits on a daily basis in order to balance their mineral and vitamin intake.

  1. Eliminate Sugar

As oppose to the normal ones, sugar (glucose) is most commonly used by the cancer cells. As a result, an acid is created by the metabolism of sugar which encourages the progression of cancer. Sugar rich diet and consuming fruits triggers insulin reaction.

The levels of insulin increase due to consuming fruit or sugar throughout the day which  leads to insulin resistance and will supress the function of the immune system. Cancer proliferation has been directly linked to insulin resistance. It should also be mentioned that the consumption of processed sugar uses up the magnesium in our body, which is yet another link to the proliferation of cancer.

High fructose corn syrup possesses the cancer promoting toxin, mercury due to its processing methodology. When it comes to elimination of sugar from your diet, it means you should eliminate all sorts of sugar, even the “natural” ones such as honey and agave, as well as high fructose corn syrup and white sugar.

You can always replace all of the above mentioned with 2-3 dried apricots or figs, a piece of fresh pineaplle or unsweetened applesauce. Since it has been proven that fructose raises the risk of cancer cell division twice as much the other forms of sugar, it is extremely important to moderate the fruit intake.

  1. Eliminate Gluten

We all know that inflammation promotes proliferation of cancer, so you should definitely avoid high-gluten grains like whole grains, rye, spelt and wheat.

Moreover you should also eliminate pastas, cakes, muffins, crackers, cookies, bread and other baked goods in order to keep an alkaline diet. Cancer patients should replace this kind of food with rice, miller, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. Remember to eliminate “gluten free” prepared products since most of them contain processed oils or added sugar.

  1. Eliminate Dairy Products

According to one study conducted by Prof. (Emeritus) T. Colin Campbell, PhD, from the Cornell University, cow dairy is one of the most cancer promoting foods. The cause is the casein protein. High protein yogurts with added powdered whey or milk are more cancer promoting foods than yogurt, plain milk or cheese.

Nevertheless, cancer patients should eliminate all kinds of dairy products  from their diet since they cause bone deterioration (due to the high production of acid during the dairy digestion), inflammation and progression of cancer similarly to cugar.

Source: healthandlovepage

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