How can Coffee protect you from Liver cirrhosis

Abuse of consuming alcohol can do huge harm on our body causing liver cirrhosis and many other diseases threatening our life – and let be clear lot of us love alcohol. That is the main reason why coffee lovers will be amazed of this facts – and if you are not than you will become coffee lover.


Cirrhosis involves a hardening and destruction of liver tissue and kills more than one million people every year worldwide. It can be caused by hepatitis infections, excessive alcohol consumption, immune disorders, and fatty liver disease, which is tied to obesity and diabetes.

Liver cirrhosis is an important public health concern and a significant cause of disease and death in the US. The prevalence is likely to be higher than official figures suggest because many cases are undiagnosed.

New research study has shown that liver damage caused by alcohol may be reversed by drinking two cups of coffee every day. According to this study, it was discovered that 2 cups of coffee per day can lead to 44% less risk for liver cirrhosis. This could be a great news for those who favorite daily drink is coffee.

Coffee comprises over a thousand compounds, many of which are biologically active and may affect human health. These include caffeine, chlorogenic acid, melanoids and the pentacyclic diterpenes, kahweol and cafestol.

The biological effects of coffee include stimulation of the central nervous system, primarily by caffeine, the attenuation of oxidative stress and inflammation, and anti-carcinogenesis.

Due to its widespread consumption, coffee and its effects on health have been studied extensively. In the context of liver disease, coffee appears to confer a number of protective effects.

Cirrhosis is potentially fatal which is why people who suffer from it may have their life in danger. And the thing that nobody wants to hear is that there is still not a cure for this disease.

According to the doctors from the research study, consuming coffee has an important role in decreasing the risk of developing cirrhosis. Coffee is ubiquitous, cheap and most people can afford this kind of drink. It is also well loved by many of us, so it becomes to fight cirrhosis.

2000 people with cirrhosis were included in this research and the team studied the effects of coffee for these people. What they found was:

-1cup of coffee every day can lead to 22% less risk of cirrhosis

-2 cups can give you 43% less risk of cirrhosis

-3 cups give you 57% decreased risk

-and 4 cups give 65% lower risk for cirrhosis

The numbers mentioned above can fluctuate because of the following factors: beans used, brewing technique used, lifestyle of the drinker

It’s important to note if you already have cirrhosis, coffee isn’t powerful enough to reverse the damage. Researchers have only found that a daily coffee consumption can drastically reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis in the future.

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