Having $ex with many partners can lead you to a deadly stage.


HIV takes the life of a person gradually and slowly. Moreover, other infections may appear. You are surely acquainted with the reasons of such infections but might not know the steps 0n how to keep the virus away from you.

  • In case a person comes to contact of any infected person through their rectal fluid, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, blood, semen, and v@ginal fluids, he/she can be infected with the virus.
  • Even though you might thing you re free of the virus, your partner might not be, thus better have an HIV test prior having $ex, especially when you do this with a new partner.

  • Better be close to trusted and fewer partners because it reduces the risks of the virus instead of having $ex with unknown partners.
  • The safest thing to protect you from getting the virus is with latex female condoms as well as normal condoms.
  • If you want to have a piercing or a tattoo avoid doing that with unauthorized artists as they might use contaminated devices that can infect you. Instead, opt for licensed artists.
  • If you use an injection, make sure that it has not been used by anyone else before. Moreover, clean equipment will reduce the risks of the virus.
  • Prophylaxis is a pill taken by the non-infected person for battling the virus if coming into contact with it. Use it only by doctor’s prescription.

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