Drinking Champagne Is Actually Going To Keep You Strong And Healthy And You Have To Read This!

We love the pop of the champagne bottle the fizz on our tongues, the delicious taste and the lightheaded airy feeling that it gives us. We can sit and drink champagne with orange juice for breakfast, have it with strawberries for an afternoon tea, sip it slowly for a romantic occasion or just sip it elegantly for any celebration.


Champagne has always been thought of as a celebration drink. When somebody has a birthday we toast them with champagne, an engagement, wedding, milestone event, Finishes College, the champagne comes out.

But now – hear, cheers and bottoms up. Champagne can apparently prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia too.

Is it really possible champagne can prevent Alzheimer’s?

Well, don’t get too carried away and drink bottles of champagne every day. For a start it can be expensive, also you will become a day drunk, an alcoholic and probably mess up your life completely. But studies have shown that drinking a little bit of champagne every week can definitely help.

Research has shown that the phenolic compounds in champagne promote spatial memory, which is the memory that records information in your brain and keeps it to use in the future.  Just three glasses of champagne a week, and not that you read that correctly, a week and not a day, can protect your brain from dementia and memory loss.

There are two red grapes used in the process of making champagne and it is the phenolic compounds of both that are excellent for memory loss.  Red wine has the same brain boosting properties although in red wine the flavonoids are the particular property that work.

Who discovered this?

It was Professor Jeremy Spencer from Reading University, and he has said:-

“This research is exciting because it illustrates for the first time that moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning such as memory.”

The experiments or research was done on rats who were given champagne daily for six weeks.  Lucky rats. They had to complete mazes and it was found that the rats got better and better at doing the mazes as time went on and the more champagne they sipped. When the rats did not sip champagne, they were pretty useless.

There are many other reasons why champagne is good for you too

  • It makes you feel good. It is good for your heart. It contains fewer calories than wine. It will improve your skin. It is fast acting but there is also a fast recovery.

  • Champagne is good for you heart as is red wine. The sparkling wine contained high levels of polyphenols – anti-oxidants found in red grapes but less intensely in white grapes – which can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems. These are the same compounds found in red wine.
  • Champagne has high properties of anti-oxidants and so will detoxify your skin and will help even out your skin tone. It has anti-bacterial qualities too and can help pimples and acne.
  • The same scientist, Spencer, felt that people could drink two glasses a day for all these benefits and that it really does work. But we feel we need to give you a word of caution before you become brilliant, thin and totally memorable.

Champagne is alcohol so be careful

While we would tell you to stop eating sugar, cut down on calories, quit carbs, eat more leafy greens, have more vegetables, drink green juice and eat your beetroot, we are more cautious in telling you to drink champagne.

It is alcohol after all and alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your life and the live of the people closest to you. As Spencer also said:

“We encourage a responsible approach to alcohol consumption, and our results suggest that a very low intake of one to two glasses a week can be effective.”

One must also remember that the research was conducted on rats and not on humans.  A spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Society has said the studies are interesting but also warned people to be sensitive.  Not enough studies have been done yet.

So use champagne wisely.  Maybe instead of breaking out the white wine, pop open the champagne because of the lower calories.  But be wise and drink responsibly.

Remember that the word champagne is used quite lightly. Real champagne comes from France which is where champagne was first discovered.  From other countries, it is really called sparkling wine.  But they have the same qualities.

So get the champagne or the sparkling wine out for special occasions. Don’t go wild but if you do, go wild not too often.  See how you feel afterwards and if you remember more than usual.

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