THIS is Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Lick You!

Most of the people who own dogs believe that the licks and kisses they get from their pets on their faces are very cute. However, do you know that this situation can actually lead to different health issues.


Your pet will never harm you on purpose so this is not something that is happening intentionally. The pets just want to show you how much they love you and want to have fun. Unfortunately, different kinds of bacteria are present in their mouths.

The “Fact” that Dog Mouths Are Much Cleaner Than Human Mouths Is False and it’s Just a Stupid Myth

We should use common sense according to many experts. We only have to smell and take a look at their mouths and you will realize that. Their breath is also awful in most cases. Many dogs lick other dogs butts and like to sniff.

As we already mentioned before, a lot of bacteria are found in the dog’s mouth. These bacteria are not only present only in their saliva. Pats spend a lot of time sniffing and licking many nasty things. That is the reason why their muzzles are full of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Many health issues can be caused by these microorganisms.

Unfortunately, a British girl experienced this unpleasant situation because she did not believe in these facts. She actually got a nasty infection from the saliva. The most shocking thing is that she did not notice the changes. She was told that she started speaking a little different of the phone. She was in a very bad condition when she went to hospital. She managed to recover after 15 days of taking different meds and special care.

The infection was caused by the presence ofcapnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria in her bloodwhich is often found in mouths of both dogs and cats. Many similar cases in the last decade were reported in the UK.

Do not forget about ringworm infections that can be also caused by your pet.

If you keep kissing your dog, it is very easy to get ringworm infection. One short lick from your pet can cause this infection, which creates ugly lesions.

Dogs can carry these infections and bacteria for a long period of time without problems to their health.

You can also get staphyolococcus aureus problems if your dog licks you. This bacteria is closely linked to MRSA.

Once again, capnocytophaga canimorsus represents bacterium found in dog’s mouth. If you let your dog lick your open wound, it can be especially dangerous.

You can always show love to your pets by giving a good hugs.

Source: dailyhealthpost

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