Here Is How To Make Your Own Natural Cream For Removing Stretch Marks

Many people start different diets in order to lose excess weight, but they make a mistake by interrupting the diet after several days, because in that way they gain even more fat which leads to appearance of stretch marks.


The main cause of stretch marks is an irregular and unbalanced diet and they are a type of scars that are produced by cracking of the skin tissue. For instance, if a person had 30 pounds, and then they get ten more, they become bloated like a balloon that needs to pop. As a result, stretch marks appear and at frist they are red. After some time, they become whitish and they also become visible on light.

Stretch marks should be treated immediately after their appearance, because the longer you wait, the harder they will be able to treat them. Pregnant women are the ones most affected by these stretch marks, which usually appear after the seventh month of pregnancy.

They usually appear on the midriff and the thighs, as well as on the rear end and the bosoms. Some dermatologists claim that stretch imprints are genetic, which means that you need to stay alert for these basic areas of the body. However, you don’t have to worry because there are some tips that will help you cover them, anticipate them or even get rid of them once and for all.

Use moisturizer

You should always pay attention to your skin because not only pregnant ladies get stretch marks. The main period when it is highly important to use medications to make your skin saturated and solid is between 20 and 30 years old.

In order to reduce the risk of getting stretch marks, you should start using lotion with common fixings on a daily basis. In case that you already struggle with the problem of stretch marks, we suggest that you make a cream at home simply to prevent them from spreading. This homemade cream will help you keep your skin hydrated without having to buy expensive creams that are not even effective as they should be.

Ingredients needed:

  • A tablespoon of olive oil (about 25 grams)
  • A tablespoon of aloe vera gel (about 20 grams)
  • A tablespoon of wheat germ (about 10 grams)

 Way of preparation:

All you have to do is to put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Once prepared, apply the mixture onto the affected regions, massaging your skin and making circular movements. Make sure to leave the solution on your skin for a minimum time of fifteen minutes so that it has enough time to work, and then wipe it off using a cloth soaked in warm water.

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