How To Make Marshmallows That Are So Healthy You Can Eat As Many As You Want

Everyone loves eating marshmallows, and many people think that they are the most suitable food for every camping trip. Some people even combine marshmallows with hot cocoa


Marshmallow is a sugary treat and people usually use it as a dessert and it is probably the most popular Thanksgiving treat. The best part about marshmallows is that they don’t contain any fat, but on the other hand, they contain great amounts of sugar which means they are bad for our health.

One regular marshmallow contains a significant amount of added sugar – 4 grams. For many people this amount is not too much, but as you know, no one eats just one marshmallow. For instance, one cup of the so-called mini marshmallow frequently used as a dessert or to cover hot chocolate contains incredible 29 grams of added sugar.

In this way, you will take in 400 calories and cross the recommended daily amount of sugar consumption by 10 grams.

Excess Sugar Brings Many Health Risks

You will gain weight and even become obese if you take too much sugar because then you boost the calorie content. Another negative side of sugary foods is that they come with low amount of nutrients.

You shouldn’t consume too many sugary products on a daily basis because you won’t be able to consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains, because you are already sated.

According to numerous studies, sugar is associated to many long-term health issues. As a matter of fact, the intake of added sugar in great amounts has been linked to:

  • Heart diseases
  • Food addiction
  • Raised levels of cholesterol
  • Several different types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Problems with your teeth, including cavities

A Recipe for Healthy Marshmallows

In order to avoid too much sugar, here is a recipe for soft, homemade marshmallows which relay on honey as a sweetener. Sugar is replaced with honey which will give them the popular flavor but without the begative consequences of sugar.

You can prepare these marshmallows in 2 different ways – with the use of coconut and with the use of chocolate. Choose the ingredient you like better.

Ingredients needed:

  • Half a cup of honey
  • Half a cup of cold water
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One and a half tablespoons of gelatin
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt


  1. Take a loaf pan, grease it gradually and then cover it using parchment paper, greasing the paper as well.
  2. Next, pour ¼ of cold water in a bowl of medium size and then add the gelatin. In order to soften, you should leave the gelatin in the water for a while.
  3. Meanwhile, take a smaller pot and place the honey, the salt and the remaining water (1/4 cup), and place the pot on the stove at medium temperature. Remove the pot from the heat once the mixture reaches temperature of 240 degrees.
  4. Take a mixture, turn it on low and start mixing the mixture from the hot syrup and the gelatin. Start gradually pouring the hot syrup in the bowl. When all the ingredients are well mixed, add the vanilla and speed the hand mixer. Beat the mixture for nearly fifteen minutes or at least until the mixture starts looking fluffy and thick.
  5. In the end, you will get a texture of a regular fluffy marshmallow. You should place this mixture in a pan and leave it uncovered for 5 to 12 hours in order to dry. Once dried, you can cut it into squares, and your marshmallows are ready to be eaten.

As we already said, there are two versions of this recipe:

The cocoa version: all you have to do is to use cocoa powder to roll the finished mixture and then cut the treats.

The coconut version: take half a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes and toast them. After that, sprinkle half of this amount in the pan, scrap the mixture and cover it with the rest of the coconut flakes.

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