Revolutionary Discovery: Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks!

We are all well aware of the fact that when people grow old, they start losing their teeth.


Luckily, there are dental implants that are making our lives much easier and they are the best solution to fill the gap after we take one or more teeth. However, there is an amazing discovery associated with this problem, and we will reveal it to you in this article.

A group of experts in the dental field made some amazing discoveries when it comes to dental implants. There has been a really incredible development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classic implants and denture. According to the experts, these developments will make our life much easier because they will allow us to grow new and genuine teeth in oral cavity.

The lead investigator of this research, Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University built a scaffold for teeth, containing these stem cells in the body. He actually used their DNA to help new teeth regeneration. As you can see on your own, this modern technology promises a bright future for dental care.

This modern technology will help you avoid the painful and long process of extracting the teeth and it will give you the opportunity to grow your teeth in just 9 weeks.

The device has to be placed and accepted by the body. Nevertheless, the best part of this implant method is that is uses good materials to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Dr. Mao said:

“Your missing tooth is being replaced with stem cells, from your own body. And the tooth merges with the surrounding tissue. Yes, it’s simple as that! This will increase the regeneration process and it will result in fast recovery.”

Note: It should be mentioned that this procedure is not yet available for all the people in the world because it’s still in researching process and it is pending approval from the medical authorities. However, there have been many improvements of the dental implants for the last few decades, and they all promise more natural and healthy replacement for our missing teeth. The best part about these improvements is that they all require less recovery time and the chances of being rejected are small.

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