FDA Says No Regulation Needed For “Healthier” New Sweetener Made From Genetically Engineered Yeast

Well, the good thing is that more and more people look for healthier alternatives to beverages sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and other unnatural sweeteners!


But, the real and ugly truth is that the big food corporations and companies are doing everything in their power to stay one step ahead, which means that they make their products without using higher-priced, quality ingredients – whenever it’s possible. The good thing is that the clean food movement has made some good progress in forcing the big food companies to change their ingredients!

And, many companies are far more interested in playing a high stakes shell game than using actual quality whole food ingredients. And, here’s the answer to the million-dollar question –  we’re talking about the massive agriculture conglomerate Cargill and its new “EverSweet” sweetener.  The substance is set to hit store shelves sometime this year and while the company is marketing it as being similar to stevia, the truth is that it is anything but natural.

FDA Says New Sweetener Won’t Be Regulated

Here’s what you need to know – well, according to a recent article from the website Food Navigator, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given a green light for Cargill to begin adding EverSweet to food products, giving it a “generally recognized as safe” distinction (GRAS). You should also know that because of the FDA’s decision, there will be no safety testing and no GMO label on products that contain it, even though the process used to create EverSweet has raised plenty of red flags.

The experts say that the new sweetener will be made in “large fermentation tanks, in which a genetically engineered yeast converts sugars (corn based dextrose in this case, which may itself be GMO) into its new components Reb D and Reb M” as noted in the Food Navigator article.

The sweetener is said to have a “sugar-like profile” without the aftertaste of stevia extracts. The process is part of what has been labeled “SynBio” genetic engineering, but already EverSweet is being marketed as a “next generation” and healthier zero-calorie sweetener, which is what some believe makes it so dangerous.

Note: this sweetener is “made from the same components as stevia” and, according to Cargill, stevia is heavily used in its promotional materials! The real truth is that EverSweet is a far different animal, and the stevia industry’s reputation may be in jeopardy because of Cargill’s slick marketing techniques and the lack of labeling.

 Stevia Association Fires Back

Here’s what you need to know – well, the European Stevia Association think that Cargill’s tinkering and false advertising may harm the reputation of true stevia, the healthy natural sweetener that has been exploding in popularity, which was the main reason why they released a letter exposing the truth about EverSweet that is being hidden from consumers.

The European Stevia Association also mentioned that it is not the same as stevia by any measure, and notes that it is actually made through a synthetic genetic engineering process. The group says it is concerned that stevia’s reputation may be damaged if more food companies decide to adopt the supposedly stevia-inspired product.

Well, the good news is that the sweetener will not be allowed in Non-GMO Project verified or organic products. And, for the millions of unsuspecting customers out there who fall victim to Cargill’s latest scheme to confuse the consumer, avoiding the dangerously untested EverSweet will be that much more difficult without labeling. So, we highly recommend that you should always choose wisely.

Source: myfitmagazine

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