Here’s How To Recognize Healthy Eggs Or If They Came From A Sick Chicken

Eggs are an inevitable part of almost every diet in the world because they are healthy and beneficial.


People prepare them in many different ways, they boil them, eat them fried, scrambled or poached. However, not all eggs are healthy as they should be. Now, the question is: How to recognize which egg is healthy? We all know that healthy eggs can come only from healthy chicken. In order to have healthy chickens, they must be provided wih snakes, rodents and bugs in their diet, and a free space to move with fresh air to breathe.

In order to be sure that you are consuming healthy eggs, you should notice a few things like the following ones:

Yolk color: Many people consider the light yellow yolk as the normal  and healthy one, but they are wrong. The yolk of the healthy egg should be orange.

Yolk thickness: A sing that the egg is healthy is round and thick yolk.

Shell thickness and density: Healthy chickens give eggs that have very strong egg shell, so the egg that is difficult to crack is a healthy one.

If you want to protect yourself and your family, you should foget about buying eggs in the market because in most of the cases, they sell unhealthy eggs. So, you should definitely consider buying eggs from a local farmer, but first, you should ask him about how the chickens were raised. If his chickens were not forced only on vegetarian diet and raised in a bigger area where is a fresh air, then the eggs will be 100% healthy for you.

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