Shocking: Here Are The Harmful Ingredients Found in Commercial Ice Cream !

Everybody loves ice-cream and it is the most popular and refreshing delicacy in the hot summer days. You can find ice-cream in different shapes, flavors, in a cone or on a stick, etc. and people really enjoy in this tasteful, refreshing delicacy.


However, there is a negative side of this irresisitible delicasy and it’s associated with the ingredients used in the production process.

Ice-cream contains harmful ingredients which are know as “secret E-numbers”. There are many different harmful ingredients found in ice-cream such as: emulsifiers, sweeteners, thickening agents, artificial flavors, color and synthetic sweeteners and many different additives which form tiny crystals when combined with water.

All you will hear from producers is their most common excuse: Yes, they are harmful, but still allowed and used in traces. No metter whether they are used in small amounts or not, they are still posionous, and sometimes we consume ice cream several times a day.

Here are some of the most common ingredients used in the production of ice-cream. You should also know that these substances are never labeled on the declaration  or remain hidden behind some of the E-numbers.

ALDEHID C-17 – it is a liquid used in the production of anailine colors, plastics and rubber. In the production of ice-cream, it is used to improve the taste of sour cherry ice-cream.

AMIL ACETAT – it gives the artificial banana flavor. It is used as a developer for oil colors.

BENZIL ACETAT — Gives the artificial strawberry flavor. It is also used as nitro diluent.

BUTIRALDEHID –This chemical improves the taste of hazelnut ice-cream. You will be shocked to hear that it is one of the main ingredients contained in rubber cement.

ETIL ACETAT –It is used by the producers to get the artificial pineapple flavor. This chemical is used as a cleaning agent for leather and other fabrics. A regular consumption of this substance can cause chronic damages to your liver, heart and chest.

PIPERONAL — Used to get the distinctive vanilla flavor, but also to get rid of lice.

As you can see, you are not safe when you eat an ice-cream, but you don’t have to worry because there is another way to enjoy its delicious taste. All you have to do is to reach for an organic ice-cream or just prepare your own ice-cream. The next time you buy ice-cream, make sure it does not contain any toxic additives and make sure to check if there is a certificate guaranteeing its high quality.

As we previously mentioned, you can skip all these worries and make your own healthy and delicious ice-cream.

Source: healthyfoodplans

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