Six Issues That Indicate A Weak Heart And We Ignore Them All

There are problems that most of the people experience them at least once in a lifetime and usually they do not even pay single attention to them. Sexual problems, bleeding gums and snoring.


People usually ignore these problems. They do not assume that these are symptoms of the most dangerous killer in the world.

Cardiologist John Erwin reveals that when arteries begin to give away, the symptoms begin to manifest in the body. These are the symptoms of a heart disease that most people do not notice until it is too late.
  1. Sexual problems – Many believe that the problems in the sex reflect on the psychological barriers and often this is true. However, especially at men, this indicates a slam blood flow which is one characteristic of a heart disease. If you notice any kind of these symptoms, see a doctor.
  2. Snoring and sleep apnea – This phenomenon can be deadly. Snoring may indicate short interruptions of breathing during sleep which is a signal that there are psychological or physical problems in the body that are not solved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Also, snoring may be a sign of too strong heart rates which can be considered as indicator of heart problems.
  3. Bleeding gums – Bleeding gums can be a consequence of serious infection; the paradentose can destroy the whole jawbone. The infection could significantly increase the risk of heart attack.
  4. Tightness and pain in the shoulder blades – Many people during the heart attack have a feeling that “elephant is sitting on their chest”. Moreover most of the people before experiencing heart attack feel neck pain, tightness around the shoulders and hands.
  5. Swelling of limbs – During physical activity, swelling of hands and feet is one normal process. If you notice swelling at rest or if the swelling does not decrease, it is possible for you to have blockages in the arteries which are causing the swelling.
  6. Problems with digestion and heartburn – Many people go to doctor because they think they have heart problems and actually they have acids in the stomach which are causing the heartburn. However, if you feel a burning sensation in the chest accompanied by breathlessness, dizziness and faint see a doctor immediately.

Source: healthyfoodstar

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