You Have Parasites In The Body: Get Rid Of Them By Using Wormwood, Black Walnut And Cloves

A body that has been infected with parasites can have many health problems. Parasites steal nutrients needed by the organism.


When a person is infected with parasites he experienced the following symptoms:
— Weakness, apathy
— Loss of appetite
— Anemia
— Chronic fatigue
— Headache
— Stomach pains
— Nervousness
— Hyperactivity
Wormwood — the strongest poison against parasites
For centuries people have used wormwood for cleansing the body from parasites, improving digestion, sick liver and gall bladder, and it has also been used for the relief of labor pains. It is known for the bitter taste. Wormwood contains thujones and iso thujones that kill adult parasites and their eggs, and contains santonin which is known as a remedy that is great against diseases caused by parasites. It contains sesquiterpen lactone, which weakens the membrane of the parasite and thereby kills them. Wormwood is a powerful remedy for malaria.
Black walnut — natural destroyer of parasites with antitumor properties
Black walnut has been used long time ago. Our ancestors used it to treat asthma, cleansing the body of parasitic worms, colds, diseases of the lungs, and to clear the blood of toxins and poisons. They used black walnut powder to maintain the hygiene of the oral cavity too.
The skin of black walnut fruit contains tannins and quinones, natural chemicals that kill the parasite. Black walnut is rich in iodine and minerals, while alkaloids, present in black walnut, possess anti-tumor properties.
Black walnut helps against:
— Internal parasites
— Wounds in the oral cavity and herpes
— Hemorrhoids
— Warts
— Skin parasites
— Asthma
Clove — herb to destroy parasites’ eggs
Cloves is very healing herb that cures malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, scabies and other diseases caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi including Candida. Cloves can also destroy streptococci and staphylococci. This herb is able to destroy the eggs of the parasite, which is very important because if parasites are not destroyed they will spread throughout the organism, once again.
Cloves contain eugenol, tannin and cariofilen, ingredients that have strong antimicrobial properties. They travel through the bloodstream and destroy the parasites and their eggs.
How to destroy parasites
It is best to discard bad habits, avoid products of animal and industrial production and begin consuming raw foods. You should also cleanse the liver and intestines because parasites are mostly present there. It is good to note that the parasites feed on the toxic food. Often go out in the sun and breathe in some fresh air. Avoid those that fill you with negative energy, socialize with people who are positive. Dispose of cigarettes and alcohol, and often ventilate rooms in which you reside.
It is best not to buy toxic food, but you should drink plenty of water, teas of the above herbs and consume organic food. Once you change your old habits, in two to three weeks the body will clean up, and then you will easily get used to the new habits.
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