Don’t Kill It With Bare Hands, This Is A New Killer-Insect That Infects You In Just A Few Minutes

Many people tend to kill insects with bare hands without anticipating that some of them can be a serious threat to their health.


A new insect which spreads a disfiguring skin condition has recently become the focus of attention. The “killer insect” has been spotted for the first time in India.

If you want to kill an insect that is unfamiliar to you and you do not know what it can do, do not kill it with bare hands because some of them can be a big threat.

So you might ask yourself ‘’why is it known as killer-insect?’’ Well because if you touch it or even try to kill it with bare hands it can transmit a deadly virus that will spread throughout the whole body in just minutes.

In case you see this insect,  kill it with some object because if you do it with  your bare hands , it will spread a deadly viral infection which will circulate through your entire body in a matter of minutes.

The consequences of this virus are hardly treatable, so please be cautious when you try to kill a insect do it with some object .

The safest option is to not get ‘into fight’ with this insect just go walk away from it.

Source: healthysolutionsmagazine

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