Amazing Herb That Kills Cancer Cells In 48 Hours – 100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy

Millions of people worldwide suffer from cancer, but luckily the nature provided us with dandelion plant which can help us in the treatment of this dangerous disease.


Dandelion tea has the ability to affect cancer cells in a way that it disintegrates them within 48 hours, and thus, does not allow the healthy cells to be attacked.

People neglected this herb, but they shouldn’t because it has numerous medicinal purposes and you just have to pick it on clean fields, away from traffic.

In the past, our grandmothers knew that the dandelion syrup contains many medicinal substances, but today, we know that its root is also beneficial and it can help patients suffering from cancer.

Scientists discovered that dandelion root is much better option against cancer than chemotherapy, because it kills only the cancer cells.

The University of Windsor in Canada conducted research at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the results had given new hope to patients with cancer.

They discovered that the root of dandelion is able to kill the cells affected by cancer, but the best part is that it doesn’t affect other cells in the body.

The researchers discovered that dandelion affects cancer cells in a way that it destroys them in 48 hours, during which time not a single healthy cell will be hurt.

They concluded that treating cancer patients with dandelion root on a regular basis will destroy more cancer cells, and because of the excellent results, the team of researchers recieved additional support to continue exploring this herb.

John Di Carlo, who has 72 years, used dandelion himself after the convetional treatments were unseccessful and he survived.

Webtribune writes that this man drank dandelion tea and after only 4 months, he experienced complete remission.

Source: houseofhealthyfood

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