7 Simple Steps That Helped This Woman Lose 225 Pounds At Age 63

Daine Naylor, now 63, is the woman who moved from Fresno to Oakhurst, California four years ago. When she moved there, she was energized about all of the brand-new activities her new location afforded her: excellent climate, hiking paths and biking trails on Yosemite.


However, she didn’t want to go outdoors and the real reason was her weight. She weighted more than 400 pounds, which made her feel miserable and depressed. Naylor recounted to TODAY: “I wasn’t dynamic at all and I couldn’t do all the things I desired to.” She had tried to lose weight many times before, but she

  1. Make small improvements to your lifestyle.

At first, she started walking along her driweway and her firs challenge was to go to the mailbox. Even though she experienced unbalanced, like she would fall, she trapped with it. When she lost 20 pounds due to walking and being on a fresh diet program, she began riding an indoor bicycle and taking much longer walkd around her area. Nowadays, she hikes 4-mile trails and peforms 20-30-mile cycle rides with her niece. She continues moving until she hits 10,000 steps a day. She says that the best thing is to up your movements as you are feeling stronger.

  1. Look for a support network.

After she had dropped 50 pounds on her own, Naylor joined the Taking Off Pounds Sensibly team in the club, or commonly know as TOPS. She attends meetings every Monday because the club gives accountability and constant assist. When she first started, she received calls, email messages and letters of encouragement from several other members.

“The Mon meetings help me personally keep myself in balance through the weekends, when I’d be most probably to cheat,” Naylor explained. “Unless you have access to an identical group – begin one yourself! Look for similar-minded people who’ll understand and assist you.”

  1. Make an effort to eat something new.

Nyalor said that she learned how to eat seafood. “I didn’t look after it before, but I picked up an air fryer which helped me make it without the grease and I in fact just like the way it tastes.”

  1. Don’t embark on a “diet.”

In the past, Naylor had tried all the things to lose excess weight, from Pounds Watchers to Jenny Craig, but nothing helped her because she constantly gained it back. When she found TOPS, she stopped viewing her changes in lifestyle as a “diet”, and she approached them as a small change for a wholesome and longer life. She began eating more veggies, significantly less junkfood.

“I determined what worked for me personally,” she said.

  1. Stick with it.

It is inevitable to hit weight-loss plateus on the way, but if you manage to stick to the plan, you will continue steadily to lose weight.

“It could take six or maybe eight weeks for the scale to move, but throughout that time, you will see the inches coming off of the body,” she described and stressed the importance of not quitting!

  1. Have it one meal at a time.

Naylor said that candy, snacks and ice cream were the biggest temptations for her, however she managed to avoid them. Remaining healthy is a continuous, each day decision,” Naylor explained. Eventhough that may feel overpowering, she says that you should have one meal at a time, and the most important thing is to be consistent.

Today, Naylor affirms she’s 63 going on 45 and feels fantastic. Due to her weight loss, she can be a part of all the fun outdoor actions in her community and she is even engaging in presenting and public speaking with respect to TOPS, the weight- loss club. Her motto: If she can accomplish it, so can you! Start small, and simply begin – don’t keep putting it off until Monday.

always quit whenever the diet plan she was on ended. What motivated her this time, was the episode of the TV show “Castle”.

“Among the medical examiners is telling the lead actress she should follow her dreams,” Naylor stated. “He pointed to the corpses and says, ‘All those people experienced dreams, but their period ran out, therefore don’t allow that occur to you.’ It had been like a lamp went off – I had plenty of dreams, as well, and I wanted to perform them.” When she saw this, she started her weight-loss process the following day and hasn’t looked back since. She managed to reduce 225 pounds, and you will see how in this article. Here you can see what she advices people that are in similar situations:

  1. Start NOW.

Naylor advices people to start now because nobody gets younger and the younger you are, the simpler it is. She was 59 when she started her journey, which means that everyone can accomplish it.

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