Turmeric Lemonade – Treats Depression Better Than Prozac!

Deppression is actually a mood disorder with characteristics like low mood and a huge range of different symptoms that are dfferent in different individuals. Sadly, the number of people who are dealing with depression around the world is increasing.


If depression is not so serious, people can follow a healthy lifestyle, but only with a proper treatment. On the other hand, if depression gets serious, it can destroy or even endanger that person’s life. If you experience some symptoms of depression, try this turmeric lemonade recipe or ask for help right away.

Symptoms And Signs Of Depression

  • Excessive sleeping or lack of sleeping
  • Problems with concentration and decision-making
  • Feelings of sadness, sorrow, anxiety and numbness
  • Chronic fatigue and low energy levels
  • Feelings of desperation
  • Restlessness and bad temper
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempts.

As you can see, all these symptoms of depression are serious and dangerous, but the good news is that there are natural ways to cope with this problem.

Turmeric is a great natural solution  to help you treat this problem. It is a spice that has strong medicinal properties, and beside treating depression, it can be used for many different ailments and diseases as well.

For instance, the consumption of turmeric can protect us from conversion of healthy cells to cancerous cells. Moreover, it may be helpful in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, it is capable of fighting skin cancer and reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

In addition, many people are using turmeric in  cases of stomach problems, diarrhea, acidity, jaundice, liver issues, arthritis, etc.

Some of Most Known Benefits of Turmeric

  • It provides some great benefits for the cognitive functions
  • It reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Turmeric is packed with antioxidants
  • It comes with strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • It helps people eliminate depression.

How Can This Turmeric Lemonade Help In Cases Of Depression?

As you all know, the pharmaceutical industry has designed a myriad of drugs in order to combat depression, among which the most popular is Prozac. These drugs are effective for sure, but the bad news is that they create some serious side effects including suicidal thoughts, internal bleeding (in the stomach) and breathing problems.

Scientists have conducted numerous studies focused in turmeric and they discovered that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric has the ability to bring positive effects in cases of major depressive disorder. Turmeric has the same effects as Prozac, but doesn’t cause dangerous side effects.

Turmeric Lemonade Recipe


  • Lemon or lime juice (two lemons/limes)
  • Four tablespoons of organic maple syrup, stevia or honey in case you don’t want to use sugar
  • Two tablespoons of powdered or grated turmeric
  • Four cups of sparkling or cold filtered water
  • Blood orange juice from one blood orange (optional).


Take a small to mid-size pitcher, put all the ingredients in it and mix them well. after that, serve with one slice of lemon. After a  few days of consuming this turmeric lemonade, you will feel improvement in your mood.

Source: bestherbalhealth

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