Borax started gaining high rank. It is also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate. Did you know what this mineral can do? Let us see:

  • Clean your baseball cap – put the hats in the top rack of your dishwasher, fill the detergent cap with Borax and run the regular cycle.
  • Save violin strings – instead of rehiring the strings use a dampened toothbrush and Borax to gently wipe build-up gumming or rosin away.
  • Brighten whites – your white clothes will yellow over time, thus you can bring brightness back with a super-powered cleaning solution made of Borax, very hot water, dish detergent, bleach, and your favorite laundry detergent.
  • Whiten pillows – the pillows can yellow over time, too. You can whiten them with a solution made of Borax and the rest ingredients used for whitening the clothes.
  • Get rid of ants – use Borax to use it to make your own overnight ant-infestation solution. Combine it with warm water and sugar (or honey), soak up the mixture with cotton balls, and leave them around your home where you see the ants.
  • Deter mice – mice do not like getting Borax on their feet, thus if you sprinkle it along the walls where they like to run it will keep them from coming back.
  • Make DIY tablets for the dishwasher – use your ice-cube tray and a solution made of Borax.
  • Make your own laundry detergent – the homemade solution made with Borax will cost you less than $15 and will make enough for a whole year.
  • Shine stainless steel – borax will bring the shine back to your stainless steel. Mix it into a paste with some baking soda, club soda, and lemon juice. Then, scrub it away.
  • Clean cookware – use borax to clean your cookware.
  • Restore China – mix it with warm water to form a soak to renew China.
  • Clean car upholstery – make a homemade cleaner made with borax, some water, and grated soap.

  • Play with putty – you can had kid-friendly fun with borax as well. It is the prime ingredient in homemade silly putty.
  • Have fun with flubber – you can make a DIY version of it with the help of Borax.
  • Scare up some slime – use borax for this and cover it up with some plastic spiders to make it look scary for Halloween. The slime will glow in the dark.
  • Grow some snowflakes – mix borax with boiling water, put it in a jar, and insert pipe cleaner mold. There will be borax crystals which will grow overnight and make a crazy cool snowflake shape.
  • Natural plants – sprinkle it around the base of your fruit trees every 3-4 years in order to add boron to the soil and encourage growth. You can also mix it with white sand or corn meal in order to preserve cut flowers you want to keep forever.
  • Clean up after pets – our pets can be messy and stinky sometimes, however, borax can help. Make a pet bed cleaning spray by making a mixture of 1/3 cup of borax and 8 oz. of water. You can use the same mixture to clean you any accidents and “presents” by sprinkling some Borax on the damp spot, let it dry, and then vacuum it up.
  • Deodorize trash can – make a mixture of borax and water in the bottom and then rinse it off. After this, sprinkle some more borax in the bottom in order to keep the smell and bugs away.
  • De-stench fridge – wipe up spoiled food with borax and water.
  • Remove sink stains – borax will take care of the stains, just mix a cup of this ingredient along with ¼ cup of lemon juice, make a paste, and scrub it away.
  • Kill weed – make your own herbicide by mixing 10 oz. of borax and 2 ½ gallons of water. Avoid hitting other plants, thus aim carefully.
  • Clean hair brushes – our hair brushes should be cleaned once a week, thus soak them in a mixture made of borax and a gentle dishwashing liquid.
  • Refresh rooms – do not waste money on air refreshers, thus make your own spray by mixing ½ cup of borax with 12 oz. of warm water. You can add 10 drops of your essential oil, and the spray is ready for usage.
  • Quick clean toilets – use this ingredient to clean your toilet bowl by sprinkling some of it over the bowl prior going to sleep. Hit it with a scrub brush in the morning and flush it away. You will get a sparkling toilet quickly and easily.


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