2 Tbsp Of Sea Salt Is All You Need To Cleanse Negative Energy From Any Room In 24 Hours

Sea salt, which is produced from evaporation of seawater, is an excellent and all-natural way to remove bad energy from any space.

Energy radiates from everything and everyone around us. Our energy is significantly altered when we are upset, imbalances, moody, or ill. Coming into contact with such negative energy leads to confusion and a feeling of uneasiness.

As unbelievable as it seems, sea salt really works as potent clearing tool for negativity. It is worth mentioning that cleansing with sea salt is far superior to processed table salt.


1. Cleansing a Room

This can be done by placing salt in small bowls and placing them in the 4 corners for 24 hours. Take two teaspoons of sea salt and dissolve it into some warm water. Pour it into a mister or spray bottle and spray it where ever you need cleansing.

2.Cleansing yourself of negative vibes

Can be done by misting yourself for an overall clearing. Draw a bath. As the hot water is filling the tube, add two or more tablespoons of sea salt to the running water and stir it so it dissolves in the tube. Relax in your bath for 15-20 minutes.

3. Cleansing Your Crystals

Add a teaspoon of sea salt into a bowl with lukewarm water. Once the salt fully dissolves, put the crystals in the water for 24 hours.

4. Adding Herbs or Essential Oils to Sea Salt

This can give an added bonus to cleansing. Herbs such as lavender, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme, rosemary are all good compliments. When using herbs, place them in the salt and shake the salt in a closed container. This bruises the herbs and allows its essential oils to incorporate into the salt matrix. When using essential oils, add a few drops of salt and then stir or shake the salt to mix them well.

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